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Shania Twain Ricky Martin Backstreet Boys celebrity impersonators Jennifer Lopez celebrity look-a-likes
Shania Twain, Ricky Martin, Anna Nicole, Backstreet Boys, celebrity impersonators are on tour!
Entertain with celebrity impersonator Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys live! The uncanny appearances of our celebrity impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes will make you the "Entertainer of the Year" like Shania Twain. Reserve celebrity impersonators like the sexy Jennifer Lopez or Shania Twain for your surprise birthday parties, catered events, conventions and live music entertainment. For professional celebrity impersonators like Shania Twain, Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys, book celebrity impersonators before tickets sell out. We provide grammy-winning Shania Twain shows with celebrity look-a-likes and celebrity sound-a-likes for: corporate events, location entertainment, special events, and occasions like weddings, grand openings, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, Shania Twain theme shows casinos and fairs. Our Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin are a hit at celebrity impersonators performances at resorts, cruises and advertising campaigns. Have it "the Backstreet Boys way" with exciting celebrity impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes!

For immediate bookings for Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin call (760) 770-6611 or (888) 771-6611 or email Elyse before they go on tour. Review our other cast of celebrity impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes below:

Alphabetized By first name - Click on camera to view video:
Alan Jackson Alan Alda Al Jolson
Albert Einstein    
Ann-Margret Andre Agassi Andrew Sisters
Anna Nicole Austin Powers & Felicity Art Carney
Austin Powers(3) Austin Powers(4) Austin Powers(2)
Backstreet Boys (2) Backstreet Boys (3)  
Barbra Streisand (1)   Barbra Streisand (1) Backstreet Boys
Barbra Streisand (4) Barbra Streisand (2)   Barbra Streisand
Beatles, The   Frankie Valli Barry Manilow
Betty Davis Beatles, The (2) Bette Midler
Bill (President) Clinton  Beyonce  Bing Crosby  
Billy Crystal Bill Gates  Bobby Darin  
Blues Brothers, The (1)  Billy Ray Cyrus Britney Spears
Bonnie Raitt Blues Brothers, The (2)  Britney Spears 1
Britney Spears(2) Brad Pitt Brooks and Dunn
Bruce Springsteen Brad and Jennifer Buddy Holly  
Burt Reynolds   Bruce Willis Carmen Miranda
Carol Channing Captain Kirk Catherine Zeta Jones
Celene Dion Carpenters, The   Catherine Zeta Jones 1
Charlie Chaplin (2) Charlie Chaplin (1)  
Chelsey Clinton Charlie Daniels Cheers
Cher (3)   Cher (1)  
Christina Aguilera Cher (4) Cher (5)
Clint Eastwood Cindy Lauper Clark Gable
 David Bowie Connie Francis Crocodile Dundee  
Dean Martin Cruella Deville Danny Devito
Diana Ross David Bowie (2) David Letterman
Diana Ross 1 Dean Martin (2)   Demi Moore
Dolly Parton (2)   Diana Ross (2) Dolly Parton (1) 
Dorothy, Wizard of Oz Dolly Parton (3)   Donald Trump
Elizabeth Taylor   Ed Sullivan   Drew Barrymore
Elizabeth Taylor (2) Elton John   Elizabeth Taylor (1)
Elvis Presley (2)   Elton John 1 Elvis Presley (1)  
Fanny Brice Elton John 2 Elvis Presley (3)
Frankie Valli Engelbert Humperdink 1 Enrique Iglesias
Garth Brooks (2)   Father Guido Sarducci *Four Tops, The  
George Burns Frank Sinatra   Garth Brooks (1)  
George Clooney Garth Brooks (3)    General George Patton
George Michael George Burns George Carlin
Gone With The Wind George Straight George Clooney 1
Gillian Anderson Gracie Allen G.W. Bush
Hank Williams, Jr.  x Gloria Swanson Halli Berry
Harrison Ford Hillary Clinton (1) Hillary Clinton (2)
Honeymooners, The Howard Stern   Hulk Hogan  
Humphrey Bogart (1)   Humphrey Bogart (2)   Jack Benny  
Jackie Gleason Jackie Wilson Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson(2)    
James Brown James Dean Janet Jackson  
Janet Jackson (2) Janet Jackson (3)  
Janis Joplin Jay Leno Jason Alexander
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Lopez Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Seinfeld Jim Carrey (1) Jim Carrey (2)
 Joan Crawford Joan Rivers Joe Pesci  
John Denver Johnny Depp Johnny Cash
John Goodman John Kerry John Lennon
Johnny Mathis John Travolta John Wayne
Judy Garland, young   Judy Garland, Wizard Of Oz Julia Roberts
Julie London Julio Iglesias   Justin Timberlake  
Kenny Rogers   Kim Bassinger (2)  
Kim Bassinger (1) Kobe Bryant KISS
Kramer (from Seinfeld) Lady Di (2)  
Lady Di (1) Laura Bush  
Laurel & Hardy   Lauren Bacall Leonardo DiCaprio
Liberace   Lilly Tomlin Lionel Richie
Liza Minnelli (2) Liza Minnelli   Lorenzo Lamas
Lori Morgan *Louis Armstrong Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez
Lucy and Ethel Madonna Madonna (1)  
Madonna (2)   Madonna (3) Mae West
Marilyn Monroe (1)   Madonna (4) Marilyn Monroe(3)
Marlena Dietrich Marilyn Monroe (2)    
Marsha Clark Marx (Groucho) Brothers Mel Gibson (1)
Mel Gibson (2) Michael Bolton   Michael Jackson (1)  
Michael Jackson (2)   Michael Jackson (3) Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fox(2) Michelle Pfieffer Nat King Cole
Neil Diamond (1)   Neil Diamond (2)   Neil Diamond (3)
Neil Diamond (4) *Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman2
Oprah Winfrey O. J. Simpson Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton John Trovalta Ozzie Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson (1) Pamela Anderson (2) *Partridge Family, The
Paris Hilton Patty Labelle Paul McCartney (1)  
Patsy Kline   Paul Newman Pierce Brosnan (2)
Paul McCartney (2)   Prince (The Artist) (1)   Prince (The Artist) (2)  
President Bill Clinton Queen Elizabeth Randy Travis
Prince Charles Ray Charles Reba McEntire (1)  
Rat Pack, The   Regis Philbin  
Reba McEntire (2)   Renegade Rhea Pearlman
Richard Gere Ricky Nelson   Ric Nelson  
Ricky Martin Righteous Brothers, The   *Ritchie Valens
Robert DeNiro   Robert Redford Robin Williams (1)  
Robin Williams (2)   Rodney Dangerfield  Rodney Dangerfield(2)
Rod Stewart   Rolling Stones, The Roseanne Barr (1)
Roseanne Barr (2) Roseann Barr (4)
Rosie O'Donnell Royal Family, The  
*Roy Orbison (1)   Roy Orbison (2)   Rupaul
Sammy Davis, Jr. (1) Sammy Davis, Jr. (2) Sean Connery
Sean Connery (2) *Shania Twain (1) Shania Twain (2)
Shania Twain (3)   Sharon Stone
Sonny Bono & Cher Spice Girls, The   Steven Segal
Stevie Wonder Sylvester Stallone Tonya Tucker
Temptations, The *Terri Clark The Judds
The Pope (1) The Pope (2) Tiger Woods
Tim Allen Tina Turner   Tina Turner
Tina Turner (3) Tom Cruise Tom Jones (1)  
Tom Jones (2)   Tom Jones (3) Tom Kite
Tom Petty Tom Selleck Tony Bennett
Travis Tritt Trinity  
Wayne Newton   Uma Thurman  
W.C. Fields Weird Al Yankovic Whitney Houston
Whoopie Goldberg Willie Nelson Will Rogers
Whoopie Goldberg 2 Wynonna Judd (2)  
Wynonna Judd (1)      
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