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CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS ​by Vagabond Productions

Performer FAQs

Q: What is a talent agency?

A: Talent Agencies are in the business of collaborating with event planners and entertainment producers to provide talent for all kinds of events. Talent Agencies usually curate their roster of talent based on their need. Sometimes this involves factors like regional location, the genre of your act, price range, and whether you are able to provide marketing materials. 

Q: What will a talent agent do for me?

A: Once you are on a talent agency roster, you have the benefit of their reputation and their visibility in the marketplace. Existing clients and prospective clients will find reputable talent agencies in any number of ways, and if your act meets the needs of the client, the agent will negotiate with the client to book you and will act as an intermediary throughout the gig. Agents typically receive a minor percentage of what the client pays, and this fee covers their overhead and marketing costs in addition to the time spent actually managing your gig. 

Q: What is "Agent-Friendly" or "No-Contact" or "Contact-Free"?

A: These terms all describe advertising materials which do not include the name of the talent featured or any other identifying information. Agencies must have these in order to effectively market you to their clients. In the digital age, these materials are more important than ever to ensure a smooth agent-client negotiation. Our partners and provide agent-friendly ad materials and agent-friendly web listings at a low cost, specifically for our industry.

A: I think I look and/or sound like a celebrity. Should I become a Celebrity Impersonator?

B: Celebrity Impersonation can be a rewarding, a fun, and fascinating business. The MOST Successful artists in this industry are "dead-ringer" impersonators of the world's most known figures like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, or the current sitting President, to name a few. There is certainly room for a wide range of other impersonations and tributes. However, we never advise anyone to make a foray into Celebrity Impersonation expecting to make a great deal of income. Your success will depend on your talent, your look, the visibility and high demand related to your celebrity, where you live, and your ability to make yourself visible to agents and buyers in the industry.

If you want to learn a lot more about our industry, we recommend networking with fellow impersonators. Every year, Celebrity Impersonators of all kinds and all levels gather in Orlando, Florida for The Sunburst Convention and Showcase. This event is produced by Vagabond Productions. The weekend includes educational seminars, numerous social networking events, professional showcases, and much more. All are welcome! Visit for more information.